Singing With The Mind

Singing With The Mind

Worshiping And Teaching Through Song

Why do Christians sing in their worship? What are the boundaries of complexity for music in worship? How does one improve this on a personal and congregational level? This study book developes answers to these questions. This is a personal reflection which intends to provide: a scriptural basis for Christian singing, a philosophical groundwork for utilizing skills and time for worship, information about music and hymns, and tips and opinions based on experience. The goal of this work is to convey to the average worshiper the importance of hymn worship, the knowledge required to accomplish effective singing, and sufficient suggestions by which to improve their personal worship. There are also essays which explore some doctrinal and historical fascets of hymn-singing.

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About the Book


01 The Purpose of Song

02 Song as Communication

03 Roles Within Song Service

04 Principles in Pitch: High and Low

05 Principles in Pitch: Harmony

06 Principles in Rhythm: Beats

07 Principles in Rhythm: Speed

08 Principles in Expression: Words

09 Principles in Expression: Phrases

10 Principles in Expression: Emotion

11 Repetition and Memorization

12 Song Selection: The Value of Well Written Hymns


A1 Music Terms

A2 Learn Pitch

A3 Learn Rhythm

A4 Learn Expression

B1 Song Leader’s Checklist

B2 Find Starting Pitch

B3 Using Hands

C1 Biblical Music History Summary

C2 Instruments in Worship

C3 Women in Singing

C4 Worship Entertainment Model

C5 Christological Hymns

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Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: MoyerPress
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback
Length: 268 pages
ASIN: 1098734556
ISBN: 1098734556
List Price: 9.99
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