Mind Your Faith

Mind Your Faith

Essays In Apologetics

Mind Your Faith is a broad introduction to various avenues of biblical apologetics.

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About the Book

Topics and chapters include the following: 1. Faith and Evidence 2. The Need for Apologetics 3. Confronting the Offense of the Cross 4. The Problem of Presuppositions 5. The Problem of Doubt 6. Resurrection 7. The Testimony of Paul 8. What Have Others Said? 9. The Divine Messiah 10. Salvation: Is There Only One Way to God? 11. Common Approaches to the Existence of God 12. Naturalism and Darwinism 13. The Problem of Evil 14. The Problem of Hell 15. Postmodernism 16. The Problem of Atheism 17. Jesus and Apologetics 18. Apologetics in Acts 19. Living Apologetics 20. Can We Trust the Bible? pt. 1 21. Can We Trust the Bible? pt. 2 22. From Originals to Copies 23. The Canon of Scripture 24. Issues in the Inspiration of Scripture 25. Issues in Biblical Inerrancy 26. Using the Bible to Prove the Bible 27. Undesigned Coincidences 28. The Gospel as its Own Apologetic Appendix 1: How Shall We Understand the Bible? Appendix 2: God and the Slaughter of Innocents Appendix 3: The Problem of Slavery

Publisher: FC Press, MoyerPress
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 1890119571
ISBN: 9781890119577
List Price: $14.95
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