Foundations for Growing Christians

Foundations for Growing Christians

New Christians always face the challenge of trying to process and understand an overwhelming amount of material from the Bible. Trying to put it all together and grow to spiritual maturity takes time and patience, but it can seem daunting at first. More mature Christians face the challenge of keeping themselves grounded in the foundational principles that allowed them to grow in the first place. There is a place for reminders, for going back to the foundations, and making sure that what we are currently building on is secure.

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1. Meet the Bible

2. Follow God’s Plan in History

3. Grow in Christ

4. Cherish Salvation by Grace

5. Hope in the Power of Christ’s Resurrection

6. Prepare to Worship God

7. Partake of the Lord’s Supper

8. Know the Church (part 1)

9. Know the Church (part 2)

10. Learn to Love

11. Anticipate the Coming of Jesus

12. Appreciate the Holy Spirit

13. Let your Light Shine

Basic Glossary

Basic Bible Timeline

Synopses of Bible Books

Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: Moyer Press
Publication Year: 2019
Length: 154 pp
ISBN: 9781093651492
List Price: $7.95
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