Singing With The Mind

Worshiping and Teaching Through Song

Why does Christianity sing in their worship? What are the boundaries of complexity for music in worship? How does one improve this on a personal and congregational level? This study book developes answers to these questions. This is a personal reflection which intends to convey to the average worshiper the importance of hymn worship, the knowledge required to accomplish effective singing, and sufficient suggestions by which to improve their personal worship. There are also essays which explore some doctrinal and historical fascets of hymn-singing.

Foundations For Growing Christians

This is a resource for reminders, for going back to the foundations, and making sure that what we are currently building on is secure.

Mind Your Faith

This a revised edition of a collegiate level class book on Christian evidences. This expanded version tackles more issues related to moral objections to God.

Letters To Our Grandchildren

A series of Bible related lessons written by grandfathers to their grandchildren who range in ages from infant to adult. Appropriate for teens to adults, these studies focus upon some of the most important aspects of what it means to serve God.

Mind Your Faith Magazine

Transgender Issues

Attitudes About Elders

Developing Servants

Fully Assured

Can I Be Good Enough

The Great Redeemer

The Problem Of Sin

Who Is Man